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About Us:

We are focusing on goods and services to realize the market gap, market needs. We deal with general items, Electronics & Technology. We provide goods and services from the wholesale market to end-user such as companies, corporations, banks, hospitals, organizations,
pharmaceuticals, and individuals, etc. Excellent product performance, exceptional reliability & continuous improvements have developed a blind consumer faith in FFINS products and services.


Company Policy:

Never take and stretch interest (SOOD) to anyone including family member.
Every time will earn profit and loss specified 2.5 percent for charity. This percentage will be increase. Commitment is the first and last priority.

Dishonest and shortcut will not be entertained. Although, show honesty always work on right path.

Our Business

From our humble beginnings as a small discount retailer in Pakistan. Every Day Low
Price (EDLP) is the basis of our strategy, and our price focus has never been stronger.

Our Business Partner :

1. Marhaba Stationery and Photostat.
2. MashAllah Electro Mart.
3. ASIAN Electronics Equipment’s.

Our Client :

1. Darul Sehat Hospital.
2. Lucky Textile Mills.


Company Official Documents:

The FFINS enterprises initiate business with client all the official documents will be
process through ffins letter head, authorized ffins stamp and the compensation to
the client send ffins official account.
The sample letter head, sample authorized stamp and Account detail are as follow:
Account Detail :
Bank Name   :     Sindh Bank Limited
Account Title   :     FFINS Enterprises
Branch   :     Dhorajee


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